Just The Job, Maura Campbell ( paperback June 2024)


Smart casual? Close of play? Endless water-cooler discussions about the weather? Non-autistic adults can behave in baffling ways - and never more so in the maze of unwritten social rules, jargon and ritual that is your average day at the office. Luckily, Maura and Debby (office code cracker extraordinaires) have gone undercover in 'typical' offices for decades to pull together the ultimate survival guide for the autistic employee. Wickedly illustrated by Tim Stringer, this one-stop-shop gives guidance on everything from navigating sensory issues and asking for reasonable workplace adjustments to the appropriate etiquette of in-person and hybrid spaces and how to deal with instances of bullying and harassment.

With translations of the bizarre idioms and acronyms of office-speak, as well advice on the baffling unspoken rules of an office social life - this is both a hilarious and highly practical guide to being happier and more successful at work.


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