Wise Creatures, Deirdre Sullivan (paperback Sept 2023)


Deirdre Sullivan owns the space of slightly dark and creepy writings for YA - not to be missed if you like that sort of thing!

I always thought that hauntings began with houses. They don't, of course. It's people, isn't it? They begin with people. If anyone knows what it is to be haunted, it's Daisy. The ghosts of her troubled past are ever present. Daisy has always done her best to shut the ghosts away.

To shut away the wise creatures who used to whisper to her from the walls of the house. To live a normal life. But now, something is humming in the house.

Something dark, and unknown. And it's targeting Nina, her beloved sister. Daisy knows that something is up.

And that the wise creatures, locked away for so long, are back. And this time, who knows what they want?A haunting psychological horror novel from award-winning author Deirdre Sullivan


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