Villains Academy : How to Steal a Dragon ! Ryan Hammond, Paperback Oct 2023


Being BAD has never felt so GOOD! The second book in the villainously funny, highly illustrated young middle-grade series from author-illustrator Ryan Hammond. For fans of Amelia Fang, Dog Man and Grimwood. 

It's the start of the winter term and there's a new teacher in town at Villains Academy - the notorious dragon-rider Felix Frostbite.

Class Z are in awe of him and his lessons on venomous beasts and mythical creatures, but werewolf Bram is suspicious. Soon Bram and his friends the Cereal Killers uncover Felix Frostbite's evil plan to steal all the dragons from the Wicked Woods and leave Villains Academy undefended. Have the gang learnt enough to outsmart their troublesome teacher, or will Felix Frostbite's heist go down in villain history?PRAISE FOR VILLAINS ACADEMY: 'Frightfully fun - Villains Academy had me cackling from the very first page!' Katie Tsang, co-author of the Dragon Realm series 'I loved the spookily funny Villains Academy.

It's a work of (evil) genius!' Jenny McLachlan, author of The Land of Roar


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