North Woods, Daniel Mason (hardback Sept 2023)


North Woods has been heaped with praise and hype, and deservedly so. This is a book that treats life as a miracle and demands the proper awe from its readers' Antonia Senior, The Times 'This is a time-spanning, genre-blurring work of storytelling magic .

A SINGLE HOUSE DEEP IN THE WOODS OF NEW ENGLAND. A young Puritan couple on the run. An English soldier with a fantastic vision.

Inseparable twin sisters. A lovelorn painter and a lusty beetle. A desperate mother and her haunted son.

A ruthless con man and a stalking panther. Buried secrets. Madness, dreams and hope.

All are connected. The dark, raucous, beautiful past is very much alive. Exhilarating, daring and playful, NORTH WOODS will change the way you see the world.

'A monumental achievement . . .

I loved it' Maggie O'Farrell' 

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