Weirdo, Sara Pascoe ( paperback May 2024)


Deep in Essex and her own thoughts, Sophie had a feeling something was going to happen and then it did. Chris has entered the pub and re-entered her life after Sophie had finally stopped thinking about him and regretting what she'd done. Sophie has a chance at creating a new ending and paying off her emotional debts (if not her financial ones).

All she has to do is act exactly like a normal, well-adjusted person and not say any of her inner monologue out loud. If she can suppress her light paranoia, pornographic visualisations and pathological lying maybe she'll even end up getting the guy she wants? Then she could dump her boyfriend Ian and try to enjoy Christmas. What readers are saying:'Acutely and profoundly observed.''Brilliantly relatable and painfully honest.''A book that will make you laugh, think, and feel a little bit better about being yourself.''A funny, insightful and unusual perspective on growing into yourself.

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