Mother Tongue. Patricia Forde ( paperback 2019)


The new dictator of Ark wants to silence speech for ever.

But Letta is the wordsmith, tasked with keeping words alive. Out in the woods, she and the rebels secretly teach children language, music and art. Now there are rumours that babies are going missing.

When Letta makes a horrifying discovery, she has to find a way to save the children of Ark – even if it is at the cost of her own life.


“For Letta is one of the best heroines… Steadfast, strong and unwaveringly resilient, she is the driving force behind why this series is becoming so revered.” — Scott Evans, The Reader Teacher “Mother Tongue, and predecessor The Wordsmith, are both brilliantly devised stories.” — Caroline Fielding, The Teen Librarian “This vivid world and courageous heroine will enthral readers and is ideal for book clubs.” This gripping story has the dark atmosphere of books such as the Hunger Games series’


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