The Wall Between Us, Dan Smith ( paperback June 2023)


A high-stakes adventure, set during the Cold War, centred on two cousins separated when the Berlin Wall is built.

BERLIN 1961 Anja and Monika live opposite each other. They play together every day, with Otto the cat.

One night they wake up to bangs and shouts. Soldiers are building a huge barbed wire fence between them. A terrible forever wall that gets longer and higher until it divides the whole city.

On the East side, Monika is scared - neighbours are becoming spies and there are secret police everywhere. It's Anja who spots that Otto has found a way across. If he can visit Monika, then perhaps she can too.

But Anja gets trapped and there's no safe way back . . .

An emotional, atmospheric story from Carnegie Medal-nominated author Dan Smith From the author of Nisha's War, My Friend the Enemy and She Wolf.


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