The Philosophy Resistance Squad, Robert Grant ( paperback 2021)


Milo (He's about 11) is thrilled to be starting at the country's fanciest, shiniest, most prestigious school. But it soon becomes clear that something sinister is going on. The headmaster, Dr Pummelcrush, is bent on brainwashing the students and turning them into mindless, unthinking human robots.

When Milo stumbles across a bright and colourful secret garden and meets its joyous gardener, he and his friends begin to open their minds to a whole new way of thinking: philosophy. Can the Philosophy Resistance Squad use their new questioning skills to resist Pummelcrush's evil project and save their classmates from being zombified?

An exciting and witty, dystopian story - if you like this you'll enjoy The Hunger Games, Terry Pratchett and Philip Reeve when you're a little older! 


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