The Korean Book of Happiness, Barbara J Zitwer ( hardback March 2023)


The Korean Book of Happiness : Joy, resilience and the art of giving.

From the very first moment she set foot in South Korea, Barbara Zitwer, literary agent to some of the most celebrated, prize-winning Korean authors, fell head-over-heels in love, discovering there a renewed sense of happiness and energy. In this witty, charming book, Zitwer shares all that she has learnt about this fascinating country: a vibrant, global powerhouse of culture and industry with an enduring devotion to the ancient philosophies of han, heung and jeong (resilience, joy and the art of giving). We follow Zitwer as she travels from the buzzing capital of Seoul to meeting Buddhist nuns in a mountain temple, from the bizarre theme park within the Demilitarised Zone to the tropical island of Jeju, home to haenyeo, the inspirational, octogenarian, female divers.

Along the way she regales us with hilarious anecdotes of her cultural faux pas, top travel tips and local recipes as well as magical moments of understanding and connection. The Korean Book of Happiness invites you to explore a beguiling culture and learn how the Korean way can make your life happier and more fulfilled.

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