The Hare Shaped Hole, John and Thomas Docherty, paperback


Quite simply one of the loveliest books to deal with loss, not just bereavement but perhaps also if a friend moves away, or with the loss of a pet -  the metaphor is very gently expressed. 

Hertle and Bertle were always a pair, though one was a turtle and one was a hare. They were utterly buddies, and best friends forever, and whenever you looked, you would find them together... until quite unexpectedly... the end came. When Hertle disappears for good, Bertle can only see a Hertle-shaped hole where his friend should be.

He pleads with it, get angry with it, but the hole still won't bring his Hertle back. It seems like hope is lost... until Gerda the kindly bear finds him.

She explains that he must fill the hole with his memories of Hertle. And slowly... Bertle begins to feel a little bit better.

Powerful and moving text from children's author and poet John Dougherty is paired perfectly with warm illustrations from the wonderfully talented Thomas Docherty in a thoughtful and sensitive approach to this difficult topic. This moving picture book will be loved and treasured by children and adults alike. With kids, it can be used to start a gentle conversation about death and grief.


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