The Girl Who Loves Bugs, Lily Murray ( paperback August 2023)


The Girl Who Loves Bugs is a hilarious and heart-warming story empowering young girls to always be curious. Evie loves bugs. And she's fed up of having to keep up with her mums and brother on walks when she'd rather be peering under logs and examining snails.

So, one day, she decides to bring the bugs inside, so she can be with them all the time. The problem is, the family is coming to stay, even fearsome Great Gran, who doesn't stand for any nonsense. And on the day of their arrival, Evie wakes up to find her bugs have escaped .

. . all over the house! What is Great Gran going to say?A beautiful, bug-filled story about following your dreams, and the unconditional love of family.

With ideas and tips at the back for looking after some of your own bugs (outside!).

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