Stuck in the Middle with Ewe, Holly Crawford ( paperback April 2022)


Stuck in the Middle with Ewe: or how I lost my heart and found my flock in Northern Ireland', is a chaotic, funny and poignant tale, recounting how an English journalist fell in love with a Northern Irish farmer, his sheep and a new way of life. Holly Crawford has finally found the man of her dreams. This is good.

Unfortunately he lives 500 miles away on the other side of the Irish Sea. This is bad. Never one to do things by halves, Holly decides there's only one thing for it: she will marry him (during a pandemic) and relocate to his homeland.

Having swapped deadlines for dairies and suits for Wellington boots, she's soon causing chaos as she encounters cantankerous cows, riotous rams and cute lambs while finding out just what it takes to be a farmer's wife. She has one husband, 200 sheep and not a clue.

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