Sherlock Bones and the Curse of the Pharaoh's Mask : A Puzzle Quest, by Tim Collins (paperback Sept 2022)


Sherlock Bones, the world's greatest dog detective, and his trusty sidekick Dr Jane Catson are back for another crime-solving adventure. This time, the pair are visiting the tombs of the ancient feline kings in Egypt when they discover that a precious mask has been stolen. They have to interview tourists from around the world - including a cowardly lion, a spoiled hippo and two secretive pandas - to discover who is guilty.

But the mystery is not as straightforward as it first seems. It will take the pair on a thrilling adventure deep inside the Egyptian tombs and require all of Bones and Catson's skills to solve the crime. The second book in Buster's brand-new Sherlock Bones fiction series features puzzles - including search games, logical conundrums and shadow matches - that are woven into the action, so the reader feels immersed in the exciting detective plot.

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