Prima Facie, Suzie Millar ( hardback March 2024)


From the Olivier award-winning playwright of Prima Facie, Suzie Miller, comes her first novel, where power, patriarchy and morality diverge. ‘This is not life. This is law.’Tessa Ensler is a brilliant barrister who's forged her career in criminal defence through sheer determination.

Since her days at Cambridge, she’s carefully disguised her working class roots in a male-dominated world where who you know is just as important as what you know. Driven by her belief in the right to a fair trial and a taste for victory, there’s nothing Tessa loves more than the thrill of getting her clients acquitted. It seems like Tessa has it made when she is approached for a new job and nominated for the most prestigious award in her field.

But when a date with a charismatic colleague goes horribly wrong, Tessa finds that the rules she’s always played by might not protect her, forcing her to question everything she's ever believed in . . .

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