You can order this for yourself or a friend. 

Each month will cost £25 : this includes choice of hardback, plus postage ( UK only; other destinations TBC) 

Your recipient will first receive a letter from us introducing the gift and service. In this pack will be a return letter and stamped addressed envelope ; the recipient can give us as much or as little information as they wish to help us 'prescribe' the best books.

Once this has been returned, we will send them a mystery book each month. Please note they will get a personalised service, not a standard 'gift book' each time. You can order the service for one month,twelve or anything in between!

The hardback service would be recommended for people who are avid readers, or who enjoy non fiction. This way they are likely to get new books which they have not read, and it allows us more flexibility to choose a range of non fiction titles. 


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