Echo Mountain, Lauren Wolk ( paperback, March 2021)


SHORTLISTED FOR THE CILIP CARNEGIE MEDAL 2021 ( suggested readers 8+) 

When Ellie and her family lose everything, they flee to Echo Mountain.

Ellie runs wild, exploring the mountain's mysteries. But the one she can't solve is who's leaving the gifts for her: tiny wooden carvings of animals and flowers, dotted around the mountain for her to find. Then Ellie's father has a terrible accident.

When she sets out to find a cure for him, she discovers Cate, the outcast witch, and Larkin, a wild mountain boy. From them she learns about being a healer, being brave - and how there can be more to a person than first meets the eye. An unforgettable novel from the award-winning author of Wolf Hollow and Beyond the Bright Sea.


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