Body of Truth, Marie Cassidy ( paperback June 2024)


When the body of true crime podcaster Rachel Reece is found in Dublin's Phoenix Park, the pressure is on police for a quick solve. The victim is well-known host of the Abandoned podcast, which explores unsolved murders of Irish women, often asking difficult questions of historic investigations.

Dr Terry O'Brien, recently arrived from Scotland, is the pathologist on the case. It quickly becomes clear that a senior detective is intent on pointing the finger at a particular suspect, but Terry is unconvinced and quietlybegins her own research. Soon she is immersed in cold-case files.

As she retraces Rachel's footsteps, Terry finds herself increasingly at odds with her superiors, wondering who she can and can't trust. She knows the pathology never lies. But when her forensic skills reveal something that might hold the key to solving Rachel's murder, she doesn't know how close she is to the knife-edge of danger.

A page-turning forensic thriller from Ireland's former state pathologist that uncovers the secrets of the mortuary.


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