Big Swiss, Jen Beagin ( paperback Dec 2023)


Juicy, salacious and compelling. Trauma shouldn't be this fun.' SARA PASCOEGreta liked knowing people's secrets. That wasn't a problem.

Until she met Big Swiss. Big Swiss. That's Greta's nickname for her - she is tall, and she is from Switzerland.

Well that's how Greta imagines her; they haven't actually met in person. Nor has Greta actually ever been to Switzerland. What Greta doesn't know is that she's about to bump into Big Swiss in the local dog park.

A new - and not entirely honest - relationship is going to be born. A relationship that will transform both of their lives . .

. Readers are obsessed with Big Swiss:'This thing is a riot. I laughed out loud regularly.

I've never read anything quite like it.''This book is f u n n y''The premise is bizarre but brilliant! I am ready to move to Hudson, NY to meet these folks!''I haven't read a book this engrossing for a long time.''The blend of real and wit made for a wonderfully sublime experience.'

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