Arlo The Lion Who Couldn’t Sleep, Catherine Rayner (paperback 2021)


What a treasure this is .... if you have a sleepy toddler who just can’t or won’t drop off to sleep, this is a lovely rhythmic story with all sorts of tips to help them relax.....

Arlo The Lion Who Couldn't Sleep is a beautifully illustrated story with a gentle mindfulness message from Kate Greenaway Medal winner Catherine Rayner - ideal for bedtime, and especially helpful for little ones who have trouble going to sleep. Arlo the lion is exhausted. He just can't drop off, no matter what he tries.

It's either too hot, or too cold; too loud or too quiet. But then he meets Owl. She can sleep through the day, which isn't easy when most other animals are awake! Will Arlo ever get any rest? Perhaps his new friend has some special tricks she can teach him ...


Note image is of hardback, default purchase is paperback but please email if you prefer hardback. 


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