Activist, Louisa Reid ( paperback Oct 2022)


When an anonymous student posts on a website about the sexual abuse she suffered, and the school fails to deal with the situation, Cassie and her friends know it is time to act. A powerful verse novel** about speaking and standing up for what's right. Cassie goes to a prestigious academic school where girls have only just been admitted after decades of it being single-sex.

She and her friends prepare for battle - with a strike, an assembly, as well as outside school spending their weekends protesting to save the woodland from development. But will her activism only make things worse, or will she succeed in righting the wrongs that so many choose to ignore? And could there be a more personal reason for her behaviour? A powerful, timely verse novel about the need to act and stand up for what's right.


** Verse novels! Please don't be put off by thinking this is poetry, or difficult to read ... it's actually the complete opposite. If you are a reluctant reader, or dyslexic, this is a perfect way to get into a gripping and intense story without having to read as many lines of words. Try it! 


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