A Damsel Not In Distress, Bethan Stevens ( Paperback April 2023)


For 4+ 

This clever and funny inversion on a classic fairytale from award-winning author Bethan Stevens tells the laugh-out-loud story of a damsel who does not need saving! Once upon a time, hidden deep in a valley in a magical land far away, there was a very tall tower. And trapped at the very top of that very tall tower there was a damsel . .

. In distress! The only problem is, the damsel is not in distress. She keeps telling the narrator that she's perfectly fine.

The "terrifying beasts" in the moat are a family of ducklings. The "prickly brambles" are her rose garden. And the "wicked old witch" is actually her grandma! But the narrator just won't listen.

When a scary, fire-breathing dragon comes to visit, it's up to the damsel to take charge of her story and save the day for everyone. Witty and empowering! 


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