Watch Us Dance, Leila Slimani ( paperback June 2024 )


The seductive, vibrant new novel from international bestselling author Leila Slimani. Morocco, 1968. As she stands at the window, Mathilde reflects on the opportunities before her, and all she has achieved.

Looking out at her elegant - not to say expensive - garden, the roses, brought in from Marrakech, have bloomed and their sweet, fresh scent pervades the air. Anything feels possible, and she is determined to celebrate it. Don't they have the right to enjoy life, after dedicating their best years to the war and then to this farm?Mathilde is blissfully unaware of what a new chapter of Moroccan history means for her family, the country and its future.

Her babies are now grown up, and they are all about to learn that life can take wild and unexpected turns. 

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