Along Came A Different, by Tom McLaughlin (paperback Feb 2019)


Light hearted take on ‘being different’ using colours. Funny and yet the message is clear. 

Reds love being red. Yellows love being yellow. And Blues love being blue.

The problem is that they just don't like each other. But one day, along comes a different colour who likes Reds, Yellows and Blues, and suddenly everything starts to change. Maybe being different doesn't mean you can't be friends ...

A very special picture book that supports the adage that there is more that unites us than divides us. Along Came a Different just goes to show how much better we can all be when we come together to find common ground as friends. Every bookshelf should have a copy.

Paperback ( same cover as hardback, pictured ) from Feb 2019 priced at £7.99


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