The Anomaly, Herve LeTellier ( paperback August 2022)


The mind-bending thriller that has sold 1 million copies

No one knows how it happened.

But it'll change their lives forever... During a terrifying storm, Air France flight 006 - inexplicably - duplicates. For every passenger, there are now two: a double with the same mind, body and memories.

Only one thing sets them apart - while one plane lands in March, the other doesn't arrive until June. But if there are two of them, which one will get to keep the life they've built?As they prepare to meet, they must decide just how far they'll go to fight for what's theirs . .


Just when you think you've worked it out . .

. well, you probably haven't' DAILY MAIL'Mind-bending. Written with page-turning conviction' THE TIMES


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