When you order something from us, the website will add a 'standard' postage and packing charge of £3.95.

We can't make a more detailed estimate because that would entail us weighing every single book and logging the weight online. 

If however you order something lightweight such as a book voucher, we will NOT charge you this amount. 

Each payment is firstly authorised by you, the customer, and subsequently 'captured' by me. I am able to take LESS than you authorised, but never more! So I will simply reduce the postage charge to an envelope and post.

Most of our packages need to be shipped as 'small parcel' via the Royal Mail as they are too big to be registered as a letter. This usually means they cost approximately £3.10 for packages up to 2kg. I don't send them 'signed for' as a rule but I can do this if you prefer, just email us and let us know. It's an extra £1 to do this via Royal Mail.

If you have a large quantity of books or other items, we may have to come back to you for more postage once the parcel has been prepared, but I will always let you know. 

For Christmas and Birthdays, we can offer an additional gift wrapping service at £1 per book. 



November 16, 2020 by Linda Murray

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