The Scarlet Papers, Matthew Richardson (hardback May 2023)


VIENNA, 1946: A brilliant German scientist snatched from the ruins of Nazi Europe.

MOSCOW, 1964: A US diplomat caught in a clandestine love affair as the Cold War rages. RIGA, 1992: A Russian archivist selling secrets that will change the twentieth century forever. LONDON, THE PRESENT DAY: A British academic on the run with the chance to solve one of history's greatest mysteries.

Their stories, their lives, and the fate of the world are bound by a single manuscript. A document feared and whispered about in capitals across the globe. In its pages, history will be rewritten.

It is only ever known as . . .

THE SCARLET PAPERSThe devastating secrets contained within teased by a brief invitation:Tomorrow 11AM. Take a cab and pay in cash. Tell no one.

The Scarlet Papers is always credible, always startling and almost painfully human. A total triumph' TONY PARSONS

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