Shadow Arts, Damien Love ( paperback Jan 22)


The Shadow Arts : 'A dark, mysterious, adrenaline-pumping rollercoaster of a story'

The thrilling sequel to Monstrous Devices - Alex and his grandfather hold the fate of history itself in their hands in a Rick Riordan meets Raiders of the Lost Ark adventure of epic proportions! When Alex's grandfather sent him a tin robot with strange powers, his world changed forever... Now, Alex must help his grandfather rescue his old friend Harry, who has fallen into the clutches of a formidable foe. The duo's mission takes them on a desperate dash across Europe, chasing down the mystery Harry was investigating when he disappeared.

But can Alex work out the ancient secret that lies hidden in the depths of Germany's Black Forest and harness the powers of his robot before it's too late?Innocent lives - and even history itself - are at stake.


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