Other Parents, Sarah Stovell ( hardback jan 2022)


They all have opinions. They all have secrets. 'Deft, wry and perceptive, this drama targets class and modern parenting' Daily Mail 

In a small town like West Burntridge, it should be impossible to keep a secret.

Rachel Saunders knows gossip is the price you pay for a rural lifestyle and outstanding schools. The latest town scandal is her divorce - and the fact that her new girlfriend has moved into the family home. Laura Spence lives in a poky bedsit on the wrong side of town.

She and her son Max don't really belong, and his violent tantrums are threatening to expose the very thing she's trying to hide. When the local school introduces a new inclusive curriculum, Rachel and Laura find themselves on opposite sides of a fearsome debate. But the problem with having your nose in everyone else's business is that you often miss what is happening in your own home.

What readers are saying about Other Parents 'This is definitely a contender for the best book I have read this year' 'So well written I wish it had carried on for another 400 pages' 'I genuinely couldn't put this book down! I was completely engrossed' 'I could see this being loved by anyone who liked Little Fires Everywhere or Big Little Lies' 'Beautifully written and the characters are just so realistic and relatable' 'This was like watching an amazing Netflix drama'


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