On Marian Place, by Terry Hickland ( paperback)


On assignment at a G8 conference near Berlin, Detective Chief Inspector Detlef Schmitt inadvertently uncovers a number of intriguing documents dating back to the Second World War. Unaware of their true significance he removes them, even though his heavy-handed approach places his career in jeopardy. After a seemingly unrelated case leads Schmitt to a bank in München, he suspects that there is an inextricable link between the bank and the documents. A high-ranking politician takes a sudden interest in the enquiry and this, coupled with an attempt on Schmitt's life, convinces him that there are dark forces at play who want the past to remain buried.... literally. With typical Germanic efficiency, the detective systematically makes his way through the matrix of criminal identities, uncovering a murky past of murder, robbery and treason.

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