Killing Commendatore, by Haruki Murakami ( paperback, Oct 2019)


Murakami’s style is unique and engrossing. A slow and mind bending narrative with elements of fantasy, yet strangely compelling. This latest novel is epic in scale and is set in the world of art and portrait painting. 

Beguiling... Murakami is brilliant at folding the humdrum alongside the supernatural; finding the magic that's nested in life's quotidian details' GuardianWhen a thirty-something portrait painter is abandoned by his wife, he holes up in the mountain home of a famous artist. The days drift by, spent painting, listening to music and drinking whiskey in the evenings.

But then he discovers a strange painting in the attic and unintentionally begins a strange journey of self-discovery that involves a mysterious ringing bell, a precocious thirteen-year-old girl, a Nazi assassination attempt and a haunted underworld. A stunning work of imagination, Killing Commendatore is a surreal tale of love and loneliness, war and art.



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