Irreversible Damage, Abigail Shrier ( hardback, Dec 2020)


Irreversible Damage : Teenage Girls and the Transgender Craze

by Abigail Shrier (Author)

Those who judge this book as transphobic need to look further. No one, including the author is saying it does not exist or those who think they are trans should not get help - in fact it's the exact opposite - it's saying yes these girls desperately need help. They are not getting help they are being encouraged to move radically forward without scientific evidence that this is their final state.

Almost 80 % change their minds - around age 23-25 - the age the frontal cortex of the brain matures - but they are stuck with deformed poorly functioning bodies.

Whether this is transphobic or not, there is still no excuse for mental health professionals and physicians to allow minors to diagnose themselves. Why not help them mature with proper counseling and medication until their mental maturity can be trusted rather than butchering their bodies. 


Superbly balanced analysis of a difficult twist on transgenderism, namely Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. Shrier's skills as an investigative reporter are evident. She offers a combination of statistical data along with a broad range of expert opinion mixed with compelling personal accounts. Particularly troubling is the suppression of voices of caution in the medical profession who choose not to simply affirm a young woman's sudden rejection of gender.

Those who feel affirmation, gender suppressing drugs, and life altering surgeries are the only answer will not want you to read this book. Understanding what causes ROGD is critical. Knowing how to deal with it may prevent damage that could be irreversible.


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