A City Burning, Angela Graham ( paperback Oct 2020)


Angela Graham's stories are set in Wales, Northern Ireland and Italy, from her own experience of living in these 3 countries. She has a visual and theatrical eye, drawing you in to the setting of each story. Some are short, some are long. Mostly written in the first person and very engaging. 

Her characters often  have come to a moment of change, which puts to the proof their beliefs or their idea of themselves. Some of these moments occur in mundane circumstances, others amidst tragedy or drama urban violence, the Covid-19 pandemic, the tipping-point of a marriage. They include a watchful child, a gay priest, an estranged husband, an actress adrift and a young woman catching the tail-end of heartless urban mayhem. 

‘These stories show us what the genre does best: the ‘snapshot’ of a moment which reveals a life or a culture in a moment of transition or realisation, what James Joyce called an ‘epiphany’.’ Prof Diana Wallace University of South Wales


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